Turkey and South America: Strategic Partnership

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Turkey and South America: Strategic Partnership

Turkey, with its geopolitical position and economic strength, has developed a strategic partnership with South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Ports such as Aliağa, Derince, Gemlik, and İstanbul in Turkey form significant trade routes with South American ports like Itapoa, Santos, and Paranagua in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Montevideo in Uruguay.

Strengthening Mutual Trade

Turkey's exports to South America are concentrated in sectors such as automotive, machinery, construction materials, and textiles, while it imports agricultural products, minerals, and foodstuffs from the region. The trade between the two regions is being strengthened through mutual investments and joint ventures.

Entering New Markets

The evolving trade relationships provide Turkish companies with access to the dynamic markets of South America and open up opportunities for new collaborations. For South American businesses, Turkey serves as a gateway to the Middle East and European markets.

Conclusion: Collaboration for Economic Growth

The increasing trade between Turkey and South America contributes to the economic growth of both regions, helping them achieve a stronger position in global trade networks. This development highlights Aliağa, Derince, Gemlik, and İstanbul in Turkey and Itapoa, Santos, Paranagua, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo in South America as key trade hubs.