Trade Between Izmit and Rades

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Trade Between Izmit and Rades

The trade between Turkey's Izmit Port and Tunisia's Rades Port involves a variety of cargoes and ship types utilized between these two ports. This trade route particularly includes the transportation of a wide range of materials such as industrial products, agricultural commodities, and automotive spare parts.

Cargoes from Izmit to Rades

Izmit, located in Turkey's Kocaeli region, is rich in industry. The main export products from this port to Rades include automotive parts, chemical substances, and steel products. These goods from Izmit are typically transported using container ships and Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) vessels. Ro-Ro ships are preferred especially for easily transporting wheeled cargoes like cars.

Cargoes from Rades to Izmit

Rades Port is one of Tunisia's largest trade ports and is strategically important for trade from North Africa to Europe. The import products from Rades to Izmit include agricultural products, textiles, and handicrafts. These products are generally transported using general cargo ships and container vessels.

Future of the Trade

The trade between Izmit and Rades is growing due to the geographical positions of the ports and the diverse logistic advantages they offer. This increase indicates a deepening of economic cooperation between the two regions and is creating new trade opportunities for both ports. In the coming years, more diversity and increased capacity are expected on this trade route.