Strengthening the Maritime Bridge Between Turkey and Scotland

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Strengthening the Maritime Bridge Between Turkey and Scotland

Recently, the shipbuilding relationships between Turkey and Scotland have led to new developments in trade and maritime activities between the two countries. Here are some of the latest examples:

New Container Line from Greenock Port to Turkey

Greenock Port, one of Scotland's major trading hubs, is strengthening its ties with Turkey by launching a weekly container service. This new service will see ships traveling from Scotland through the Mediterranean, touching Spain, Portugal, and France, before reaching Turkey. Additionally, this new route will serve as a bridge to enhance Scotland’s trade with the Far East, India, and Pakistan.

Tugboat Delivery from Sanmar Shipyards to Scotland

One of Turkey's leading shipbuilders, Sanmar Shipyards, delivered a new tugboat to the Scottish operator Targe Towing. Named Camperdown, this tugboat, with a pulling power of 85 tons, was sent to Aberdeen Port. This delivery highlights the advanced level of shipbuilding relations between the two countries.

Cemre Marin to Launch Second Ferry for Scotland

In the shipbuilding sector, Turkish company Cemre Marin is preparing to launch a second ferry that it has built for Scotland. Named MV Loch Indaal, this ferry is being constructed at the shipyard in Yalova. Following the previously built and commissioned MV Isle of Islay in Scotland, the new ferry will also serve the Islay and Jura routes. Each ferry can carry 450 passengers and either 100 cars or 14 commercial vehicles, thus increasing the vehicle and cargo capacity on the Islay routes by 40%.


These new developments between Turkey and Scotland demonstrate the dynamic and mutually beneficial nature of commercial and industrial relations between the two countries. From the new container line starting at Greenock Port to the tugboats built by Sanmar and the ferries produced by Cemre Marin, these initiatives show that the maritime cooperation between the two countries is built on strong foundations.