What is Perlite?

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What is Perlite?

Perlite is a silica-based, volcanic and acidic glass with thermal expansion feature. When combined with a flash for commercial use, it expands and thus becomes porous and reaches a very light density. The porous structure of the perlite particles provides absorbency and surface cooling. Valuable property of expanded perlite; low density, physical flexibility, chemical stability, low sound permeability, and fire resistance.

In addition to our standard products in our Ankara and Izmir mining facilities, we are able to provide perlite in gradation suitable for customer demands. In order to meet the needs of different sectors such as filter, agriculture and construction, we also provide expanded perlite production.


- It is used in areas such as shaped insulation materials, cement or gypsum binders, filling and insulation materials, lightweight tiles, pipes, surface coverings in the construction industry.

- It is used as a substance increasing the physical properties of the soil in the agricultural sector. Perlite increases infiltration, reduces evaporation and provides economy in irrigation. It is preferred more and more every day for reasons such as providing the most suitable soil conditions, keeping moisture by reducing water drainage, creating a better breeding environment for seedlings, and aerating the soil.

- It appears as a filter aid in the food, medicine and chemical industries. Perlite filter aids do not spoil the taste, color and odor of filtered liquids. It is also used in the filtration of paints, in the paper industry, in the cleaning of waste water and for filtration processes.

- It is used as an additive in the ceramic and glass industry and as a thermal insulation material in the industry.

- Perlite insulation is used in high temperature applications in the steel and casting industry. It does not burn, emit gas and does not react with metal during casting. In this way, clean, robust, high quality and efficient casting is obtained.

- In oil, water and geothermal drilling, as an additive to facilitate the cementing process, it is also preferred for removing water pollution caused by petroleum residues or other oily wastes.

Thanks to our years of experience and customer-oriented business model, we provide expanded perlite to meet the special needs of all kinds of sectors in the domestic and international market.

Our Product Types:
- Raw perlite - production in various sizes for customer needs
- Micronized perlite - filter aid
- Cryogenic perlite - insulation
- Agricultural perlite
- Construction perlite
- Textile perlite