Maritime Trade from İskenderun and Mersin to Ashdod: Diversity and Opportunities

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Maritime Trade from İskenderun and Mersin to Ashdod: Diversity and Opportunities

The trade routes stretching from the eastern Mediterranean shores of Turkey at İskenderun and Mersin to the western shores of Israel at Ashdod port are vital arteries of regional trade. This route is particularly critical for the transportation of a variety of cargo types including agricultural products, industrial materials, and construction goods.

Diversity of Cargo and Economic Impact

İskenderun and Mersin, two of Turkey’s busiest ports, handle and dispatch a wide range of cargoes. İskenderun is notably important for iron, steel, chemical products, as well as agricultural goods. Mersin stands out in exporting citrus fruits, grains, and textiles. These products reach the Israeli market through Ashdod port and from there, extend to broader regions of the Middle East.

Strategic Location and Logistic Advantages

The strategic location of İskenderun and Mersin makes these ports particularly ideal for trade across the Mediterranean. The trade route to Ashdod ensures that these products are transported quickly and efficiently to Middle Eastern markets. Shipments made using modern shipping and container transport techniques ensure the reliability and efficiency of this trade route.

Future of Trade and Development Potential

The future of this trade route is directly linked to the economic and political stability of the region. Exports from İskenderun and Mersin to Ashdod strengthen the trade ties between the two regions and support economic development. Additionally, investments in this route enhance port infrastructure and logistic services, providing broader market access.


The trade from İskenderun and Mersin to Ashdod reflects the economic relations between Turkey and Israel. This route not only fosters economic exchanges but also promotes cultural and technological exchanges. In this context, exports from the ports of İskenderun and Mersin are significant steps in the development of regional trade, and this trade route has the potential for further growth in the future.