KUŞADASI PASSENGER PORT: The Jewel of the Aegean

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KUŞADASI PASSENGER PORT: The Jewel of the Aegean

Kuşadası is a mesmerizing town where history and nature intertwine, opening its doors to the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Here, the Kuşadası Passenger Port, operated by Ege Port Operations Inc. (Ege Ports), hosts thousands of tourists, both domestic and international, throughout the year. But what makes this port so special? Here are the details!

Strategic Location

Kuşadası Passenger Port is situated at 37º 51’ 48” North latitude and 27º 15’ 18” East longitude. Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, this port is easily accessible by both sea and land.

Spacious and Functional Areas

The port covers a total area of 23,096 square meters, with a customs-enclosed area of 2,164 square meters. It also boasts an extensive dock area of 8,673 square meters and a car and truck parking area of 3,380 square meters.

Dock Features

The port stands out with its modern and spacious docks. Consisting of eight docks, the port features docks ranging from 300 to 387 meters in length and from 9.5 to 18 meters in depth. These docks can accommodate large passenger ships as well as various marine vessels.

Communication and Access

Kuşadası Passenger Port can be easily contacted via the email "info@egeportkusadasi.com" and phone number "0256 614 15 81". For more information, you can also visit the websites www.kusadasicruiseport.com and www.globalportsholding.com.

Why Choose Kuşadası Passenger Port?

Operated by Ege Port Operations Inc., this port is not only strategically located but also excels in the facilities it offers. Aiming to provide a comfortable and safe experience for its passengers, Kuşadası Passenger Port is also known for offering easy access to the historical and cultural riches of Kuşadası.

Do not forget to explore the facilities offered by Kuşadası Passenger Port on your next trip to Kuşadası. Both its modern port infrastructure and the unique views of the Aegean will offer you unforgettable moments.