Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory Port: Turkey's Multifaceted Trade Gateway

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Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory Port: Turkey's Multifaceted Trade Gateway

Located in Kdz. Ereğli, Zonguldak, the Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory Port is one of Turkey's significant industrial and trade harbors. Operated by Ereğli Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları T.A.Ş., this port is distinguished by its handling of a diverse range of cargoes. The facility services bulk cargo, general cargo, oil/product tankers, ferries, chemical tankers, containers, and Ro-Ro ships.

Capacity and Infrastructure

The port boasts an annual bulk cargo capacity of 13.75 million tons and a general cargo and liquid cargo capacity of 6.25 million tons. It covers an area of 750,000 square meters, featuring a covered shed area of 3,000 square meters, and has a large customs-bonded area (Type A) spanning 139,000 square meters. The dock and pier facilities extend to a total length of 1,670 meters (excluding Ro-Ro and train ferry docks) with a maximum draft of -20 meters.

Equipment and Functionality

The port is exceptionally equipped for cargo handling. It includes bulk cargo cranes, general cargo cranes, a rubber-tired mobile crane, forklifts, loaders, industrial excavators, a tele handler, crawler excavators, a tanker, a pilot boat, and tugs. These tools ensure efficient handling of various cargo types and enhance operational efficiency.

Strategic Importance

The location of Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory Port offers strategic advantages for access to both domestic and international markets. Positioned at coordinates 41º 16’ N - 31º 15’ E, the port facilitates easy connections across the Black Sea to Europe, Asia, and other continents. This enhances Turkey's foreign trade capacity and contributes to economic growth.

Contact Information and More Details

For more details, contact the Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory Port Management. The telephone and fax numbers are available for communication, and further information can be accessed on their website at


With its modern infrastructure, high handling capacities, and strategic location, Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory Port stands out as one of Turkey's most important ports. Its comprehensive services and superior technical equipment make it a preferred trade hub both locally and internationally.