Ege Gübre Terminal: The Robust Infrastructure of a Modern Port

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Ege Gübre Terminal: The Robust Infrastructure of a Modern Port

Ege Gübre Terminal, operated by Ege Gübre Sanayi A.Ş., is a modern port located in the Aliağa region of İzmir. Situated at 38º 45’ 65” North latitude and 026º 55’ 68” East longitude, the port stands out for its wide range of handled cargoes and its capacity.

The port can handle various types of cargoes, from bulk solid and liquid cargo to general cargo, containers, and IMDG cargoes. It has an annual capacity of 1 million TEU containers, 2.5 million tons of general cargo, and 5 million tons of bulk cargo. With a total port area of 485,000 square meters, Ege Gübre Terminal includes warehouses, steel silos, customs-open areas, and automobile-truck parking areas.

In terms of dock and pier features, Ege Gübre Terminal has East and West docks with lengths of 417 meters and 367 meters, respectively. The port's maximum draft depth is 28 meters. Modern equipment includes STS (Single Boom) and STS (Double Boom) cranes, MHC, LHM, Sennebogen, RTG, STACKER, ECH, and terminal trailers.

Here are the contact details for Ege Gübre Terminal:

Address: 25. Cadde No:2 Çakmaklı, Aliağa/İZMİR 

Phone: 0.232.625 1250 

Fax: 0.232.625 1245 


Ege Gübre Terminal is a significant trade center in the region, contributing to both national and international trade with its strong infrastructure and modern equipment.