Efesanport: The Robust Structure of a Modern Port

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Efesanport: The Robust Structure of a Modern Port

Operated by Efesan Demir Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., Efesanport is a modern port located in the Dilovası region of Kocaeli. Situated at 40° 46 ` North latitude and 29° 32` East longitude, the port stands out for its wide range of handled cargoes and its capacity.

The port can handle various types of cargoes, from bulk dry cargo to general cargo, asphalt, and Ro-Ro vehicles. It has an annual capacity of 2 million tons of general cargo, 500,000 tons of bulk cargo, 150,000 tons of asphalt, 300,000 car Ro-Ro, and 15,000 truck Ro-Ro. With a total port area of 143,423 square meters, including a multi-level covered vehicle park, Efesanport also boasts a 116,000-square-meter automobile-truck parking area.

In terms of dock and pier features, Efesanport has a maximum draft depth of 25 meters and a total dock length of 870 meters, allowing large ships to dock comfortably. The port is equipped with modern equipment, including 3 Terex Fuchs 880XL 22 Mton cranes, 1 Liebherr LHM 180 64 Mton crane, 1 Sennebogen 3300 45 Mton crane, 1 Sennebogen 850 17 Mton crane, and 1 Gottwald HMK 300E 104 Mton crane.

Here are the contact details for Efesanport:

Address: Dilovası OSB, 1.Kısım D-1006 Sok No 8 Dilovası/Kocaeli 

Phone, Fax: +90 (0) 262 7548461 – 62 – 63, +90 (0) 262 7545155 

Website: www.efesanport.com

Efesanport is a significant trade center in the region, contributing to both national and international trade with its strong infrastructure and modern equipment.