DP World Yarımca Port: Turkey’s Modern Gateway to Trade

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DP World Yarımca Port: Turkey’s Modern Gateway to Trade

Located in the Yarımca area of Kocaeli, DP World Yarımca Port stands out as one of Turkey's largest container ports. Operated by DP World Yarımca Port Operations Inc., this modern facility is strategically positioned at 40º 45’ North and 29º 44’ East.

The port boasts an impressive annual handling capacity of 1.3 million TEU containers. With a sprawling area of 460,000 m⊃2;, Yarımca Port includes 24,000 m⊃2; of CFS and inspection areas, along with 6,000 m⊃2; of partial warehouse space. It features two docks (457 m and 465 m) with a maximum draft depth of 16 meters, allowing large ships to dock comfortably

Technologically advanced, the port is equipped with 8 remotely operated STS cranes and 24 trial-phase remotely operated E-RTGs, enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, it utilizes 58 terminal tractors (TTs) to boost its operational capabilities.

For communication, one can reach out via the address in Mimar Sinan Mahallesi or through the port's official website at www.dpworldyarimca.com. The port continues to strengthen Turkey’s logistics sector by contributing to the growth of both local and international trade.