Ceyport Tekirdağ International Port: The Heart of Trade in Tekirdağ

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Ceyport Tekirdağ International Port: The Heart of Trade in Tekirdağ

The Importance of Strategic Location

Tekirdağ's strategic importance is further reinforced by the dynamic port of Ceyport Tekirdağ International Port. Located at 40° 57’ 43’’ North latitude and 27° 30’ 30’’ East longitude, this modern facility marks a significant step towards becoming part of global trade.


Capacity and Diversity in Cargo Handling

Ceyport Tekirdağ Port stands out with its wide range of cargo handling capacities. With an annual handling capacity of 150,000 TEU for containers, 7 million tons of general and bulk cargo, and 250,000 tons of liquid cargo, the port is designed to meet various trade needs. Additionally, its capacity to accommodate 150,000 vehicles and 100,000 passengers highlights the port’s versatility and ability to support large-scale operations.

Infrastructure and Operational Capabilities

Spanning an area of 152,514 square meters, Ceyport Tekirdağ Port boasts impressive dock and quay features: it has a length of 2,310 meters and a maximum draft capacity of -12.00 meters, allowing large vessels to dock easily. Equipped with 10 cranes, the port offers high-efficiency cargo handling with capacities ranging from 11 to 124 tons.

Management and Communication

Ceyport Tekirdağ Port stands out for its modern equipment and comprehensive services. The professional team operates from their office at 100. Yıl Mah. Barbaros Cad. No:9/1 Süleymanpaşa, providing world-class services. For communication, you can call the phone number 0282 261 08 00 or email info@ceyporttekirdag.com.tr. For more information, visit the website www.ceyporttekirdag.com.tr.

Conclusion: A Hub for Global and Regional Trade

With these features, Ceyport Tekirdağ International Port emerges as a crucial junction for both regional and international trade. Capable of handling all types of cargo, the port offers an ideal location for trade activities.