Borusan Port: Efficiency and Diversity at the Heart of Gemlik's Logistics

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Borusan Port: Efficiency and Diversity at the Heart of Gemlik's Logistics

A Strategic Look at Turkey's Premier Port: An Overview of Borusan Port

Borusan Port stands out in Turkey's logistics sector with its wide range of services and high capacity. Operated by Borusan Logistics, this modern facility serves both local and international business partners with its strategic location and advanced infrastructure.

Location and Transportation Network

Positioned at coordinates 40º 25' 12" North and 29º 05' 18" East, Borusan Port is strategically located in Gemlik, Bursa. This prime location is ideal for both road and sea transport, making it a central hub for logistics operations.

Comprehensive Handling Capacity

  • Container Cargo: Annual capacity of 450,000 TEU
  • General Cargo: Annual capacity of 5,000,000 tons
  • Vehicles (Ro-Ro): Annual capacity of 350,000 vehicles

With a total area of 465,000 m⊃2;, Borusan Port has the capability to handle a variety of cargo types. It also offers extensive storage options with 15,000 m⊃2; of indoor warehouse space and 325,000 m⊃2; of customs-cleared open area.

Modern Dock and Equipment

The port features a 1,773-meter-long dock capable of accommodating large vessels with a maximum draft of 14.5 meters. It is equipped with 8 mobile harbor cranes (MHC), 8 RTGs, and a range of stackers, forklifts, and tractors. These pieces of equipment are crucial for fast and safe cargo handling operations.

Sustainable and Technological Infrastructure

Borusan Port manages its operations using the latest technology and adhering to sustainable business practices. It also offers services for the cold chain logistics sector with 224 reefer plug points.

Communication and Customer Service

At Borusan Port, customer satisfaction is a top priority. For more information and contact details, visit the website at


Strategically located in Gemlik, Borusan Port is one of Turkey's leading ports with its large capacity, modern equipment, and customer-focused service philosophy. As a key point in national and international trade, the port brings together efficiency and diversity in the logistics sector.