Batıliman Port Operations: The Gateway to Aegean Trade

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Batıliman Port Operations: The Gateway to Aegean Trade

Among the leaders in Turkey's port management sector, Batıliman Port Operations Co. Ltd. is strategically located in the Nemrut Bay of the Aegean Sea. Known for its extensive cargo handling capabilities and advanced infrastructure, this port is a vital artery for national and international trade.

Strategic Location and Technical Features

Positioned at 38° 45’ 00” North and 26° 53’ 50” East in the district of Aliağa, İzmir, Batıliman Port boasts an annual cargo handling capacity of 6 million tons, spread over an area of 238,450 m⊃2;. It specializes in the transportation of general cargo, bulk dry goods, project cargo, and hazardous materials.

Infrastructure and Storage Capacities

The port features a 26,630 m⊃2; covered warehouse area and a 31,300 m⊃2; open storage area. Furthermore, it offers a 75,000 m⊃2; duty-free open space and a 20,000 m⊃2; temporary storage area, ensuring safe and efficient storage of commercial goods. These extensive storage and handling capacities make the port a versatile hub for all kinds of logistics needs.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Its dock and pier structure allows vessels of all sizes to dock easily. The lengths of piers and docks range from 164 meters to 290 meters, while their depths reach from 3 meters to 32 meters. These features establish Batıliman Port as one of the most flexible ports in the Aegean.

Modern Equipment and Technology

The port is equipped with modern machinery to enhance efficiency in cargo handling. Mobile cranes from Liebherr and Sennebogen ensure high-performance loading and unloading operations. This technological equipment plays a crucial role in providing fast and reliable services at the port.


Positioned as the gateway to Aegean trade, Batıliman Port Operations stands out with its vast handling and storage capacity, modern equipment, and strategic location. These features make it a significant stopover for national and international trade. The port holds the potential to continue expanding Turkey's and the Aegean's trade volumes in the future.