Aves Savka Platform: The Jewel of the Mediterranean

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Aves Savka Platform: The Jewel of the Mediterranean

Nestled at a strategic point in the Mediterranean, the Aves Savka Platform stands as a shining star in Turkey's maritime sector. Located in Mersin, within the Mediterranean region, this platform is operated by Savka Platform and Pipeline Co. Ltd., offering some of the most innovative services in the industry.

Strategic Location and Technical Specifications

The Aves Savka Platform is situated at the coordinates 36° 46’ 07’’ North and 34° 43’ 49’’ East. Its strategic position serves as a crossroads on the crucial trade routes of the Mediterranean, playing a pivotal role in the international trade of petroleum products and vegetable oil.

The platform boasts a handling capacity of 500,000 tons of bulk liquid annually, making it one of the most effective facilities in the sector. Both the East and West docks measure 282 meters in length, equipped with a maximum draft of -13 meters, accommodating large-scale vessels with ease.

Accessibility and Communication

Located in Kazanlı Neighborhood, the Aves Savka Platform is noted for its accessibility. Access is facilitated through phone and fax numbers, email addresses, and the website.

Position in the Industry

The Turkey Maritime Sector Report 2022 highlights the significant role of the Aves Savka Platform within the industry. Its expertise in handling critical goods such as petroleum products and vegetable oil positions it as a preferred facility in both the local and international markets.


Enhancing the trade capacity of the Mediterranean region, the Aves Savka Platform stands out with its modern infrastructure and strategic location. As a leader in Turkey's maritime sector, it plays a crucial role in the trade of petroleum products and vegetable oil. With its contact information and technical specifications, it offers a valuable resource for operators and investors.

The platform not only expands the maritime capacity and trade volume of Turkey but also of the Mediterranean region at large. With a vision for sustainable growth and development, the Aves Savka Platform is paving the way for the future.