Autoport Terminal Operations Inc.: The Shining Star in Turkey's Port Management

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Autoport Terminal Operations Inc.: The Shining Star in Turkey's Port Management

Turkey plays a crucial role in global trade, acting as a significant bridge with its strategic location. An integral part of this strategic role is port management, where Autoport Terminal Operations Inc. stands out as one of the shining stars in Turkey's port management sector. Located in Başiskele, Kocaeli, this modern port distinguishes itself with its high handling capacity and wide range of services.

Features and Capacity of the Port

Autoport Terminal Operations Inc. boasts a vast port area with the capacity to handle 650,000 vehicles and 2,000,000 tons of general cargo annually. Situated at coordinates 40º 43’ 22” N & 029º 52’ 39 E, the port is ideally positioned for handling RoRo, general cargo, and container shipments. With a total port area of 243,339.80 m⊃2;, including extensive temporary storage areas and open storage spaces, it offers a broad storage capability.

Modern Equipment and Quay Features

The port is noted for its modern equipment. It has two quay cranes (MHC) with an 80-ton capacity, telescopic cranes capable of handling 140 and 130 tons, a crawler crane with a 7-ton capacity, and an RMG crane capable of handling 10 tons. Additionally, forklifts of various capacities and terminal tractors/tugs ensure efficient cargo handling and transportation. The two quays, each 328 meters long, facilitate the easy docking of large vessels, enhancing the port's operational capacity.

Accessibility and Contact Information

Autoport Terminal Operations Inc. is also known for its accessibility. Its location in Başiskele, Kocaeli, is strategic for both sea and road transport. The port's contact information, including address, phone, fax, and email details, makes it easily reachable for customers and business partners.


With its modern equipment, high capacity, and strategic location, Autoport Terminal Operations Inc. is one of the key players in Turkey's port management industry. Its innovative and efficient service approach contributes to the continuity of national and international trade, reinforcing its leadership position in the sector. Autoport continues to shape the future of the logistics industry with its high-quality services, strengthening Turkey's strategic position in global trade.