Asyaport: Turkey's Gateway to Trade

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Asyaport: Turkey's Gateway to Trade

Asyaport, one of Turkey's key trade hubs, stands out with its contemporary infrastructure and extensive handling capacity. Operated by Asyaport Liman A. Ş., this modern facility is located at 40° 54’ 00” North latitude and 27° 28’ 00” East longitude, in the Barbaros district of Tekirdağ. Spanning an area of 300,000 m⊃2;, the port boasts a container handling capacity of 2.5 million TEU per year, making it one of Turkey's largest container ports.

Extensive Handling Capacity and Modern Infrastructure

Asyaport is equipped to handle a variety of cargo types with its expansive area and state-of-the-art equipment. The port efficiently processes various types of cargo, including containers, general cargo, bulk cargo, and Ro-Ro. The total port area is 300,000 m⊃2;, with 100,000 m⊃2; dedicated to the land terminal. The quay and pier stretch over 2,010 meters in length, with a maximum draft capacity of -18 meters. These features make Asyaport accessible to large vessels.

Rich Equipment Park

Asyaport features a rich equipment park to perform handling operations efficiently. The equipment includes 11 Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes, 4 Straddle Carriers (SCR), 30 Rubber Tyred Gantries (RTG), 75 Terminal Tractors (TT), 3 Rail Mounted Gantries (RST), and 5 Empty Container Handlers (ECH). This modern equipment is fundamental to the port's high handling capacity and operational efficiency.

Communication and Accessibility

Asyaport offers easy access and effective communication options to its customers. The port is located at 407 Building, Barbaros/Süleymanpaşa, 59020 Tekirdağ. The phone number is 0 282 273 ASYA (2792), and the fax number is 0 282 273 19 29. For more information and updates, the website can be visited.


With its modern infrastructure, extensive handling capacity, and strategic location, Asyaport is one of Turkey's most significant trade gateways. An indispensable center for both domestic and international carriers, Asyaport continues to strengthen Turkey's position in global trade. The facilities offered by the port contribute significantly to the growth of Turkey's logistics sector.