Antalya's Trade Hub: Highlighting the Distinctive Features of ASBAŞ Port

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Antalya's Trade Hub: Highlighting the Distinctive Features of ASBAŞ Port

Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, reinforces its significance as a major center for trade and logistics through the capabilities of ASBAŞ Port. Located in the heart of the Antalya Free Zone, ASBAŞ Port stands out with its modern infrastructure and extensive service range. Operated by ASBAŞ - Antalya Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc., this port has become an indispensable part of both local and international trade, thanks to its strategic location and high handling capacity.

Strategic Location and Broad Service Range

Situated at the coordinates 36° 50’ 18’’ North and 30° 36’ 20’’ East, ASBAŞ Port occupies a strategic point in the Mediterranean. This positioning makes the port a critical passage for Mediterranean and global trade routes. With an annual handling capacity of 1,300,000 tons, ASBAŞ Port efficiently processes various types of cargo, including general cargo, bulk solids, and containers.

Modern Infrastructure and Technology

The port's quays and docks, stretching 400 meters with a maximum draft capacity of 9.50 meters, provide ideal conditions for the mooring of large vessels. The modern equipment at ASBAŞ Port accelerates cargo handling processes and increases efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted flow of trade.

Easy Communication and Accessibility

ASBAŞ Port offers easy accessibility and communication options for business partners and customers. The port's contact information serves as a quick access point for all kinds of inquiries and needs related to port operations. The port's location at Free Zone Port District, Port Avenue, create an excellent foundation for effective workflow and collaboration.

The Commercial Heart of Antalya, ASBAŞ Port

ASBAŞ Port emerges as a facility that reinforces the leadership of Antalya and the Mediterranean region in trade and logistics. Its strategic location, extensive handling capacity, modern infrastructure, and easy accessibility make the port a significant contributor to the development of local and international trade. For businesses looking to engage in trade within the Antalya Free Zone, ASBAŞ Port is a valuable resource and a reliable partner.