Anadoluport: Turkey's Gateway to Commerce

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Anadoluport: Turkey's Gateway to Commerce

Anadoluport, located in Pendik, Istanbul, stands as one of the vital arteries of Turkey's economy with its modern infrastructure. In this blog post, we will delve into the services offered by Anadoluport, its features, and reasons why it should be your port of choice.

Location and Features of the Port

Strategically situated, Anadoluport boasts coordinates of 40°51’14.39’’ North and 29°16’ 3,36’’ East. Specializing in the handling of general cargo, bulk cargo, and Ro-Ro shipments, the port has an annual handling capacity of 6,000,000 tons of dry bulk cargo and can accommodate 50,000 vehicles/passengers per year. Both the total port area and the customs bonded area span 25,000 m^2.

Dock and Quay Capacities

To serve vessels of various sizes, the port is equipped with three quays and one dock. The West Quay extends 202 meters with a draft of -12.5 meters, the East Quay is 222 meters long with a -12 meter draft, and the Dock measures 205 meters in length with a -8.5 meter draft. For Ro-Ro operations, there are three ramps with widths of 22 m, 25 m, and 34 m, respectively.

Modern Equipment and High Capacity

The efficiency of the port operations is supported by modern equipment including four port cranes with capacities ranging from 8 to 100 tons, forklifts with capacities between 3 to 16 tons, loaders with a 7-ton capacity, and mini loaders ranging from 1.5 to 20 tons. This equipment facilitates highly efficient cargo handling operations.

Communication and Access

Anadoluport is located at Malkoçoğlu Street No;14 Güzelyalı Pendik, Istanbul. The phone and fax numbers are 0216 494 32 06 and 0216 494 62 31, respectively. For more information, visit the port's official website at

Why Choose Anadoluport?

With its high handling capacity, modern equipment, and strategic location, Anadoluport is one of Turkey's most important ports. As a significant part of national and international trade, it offers high-quality services to commercial vessels and operators. Offering easy access via both sea and road connections, Anadoluport meets the logistical needs of businesses, facilitating seamless trade operations.

These features position Anadoluport as a key player in regional and global trade. Its advanced infrastructure and quality services host ships from Turkey and around the world. By choosing Anadoluport, you can strengthen your business's logistical processes and enhance your trade potential.


Anadoluport, with its modern infrastructure, strategic position, and high capacity, serves as Turkey's gateway to commerce. Its services and facilities have made it a preferred port both locally and internationally. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient port for your commercial operations, Anadoluport could be your ideal choice.