ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities: Istanbul's Gateway to Commerce

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ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities: Istanbul's Gateway to Commerce

Istanbul has been a host to many civilizations throughout history, playing a significant role in world trade thanks to its strategic location. Today, the city continues to hold this importance, with modern ports like ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities drawing attention. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features and services offered by ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities, which contribute significantly to Istanbul's commercial life.

The Strategic Location and Operators of the Port

 ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities are strategically located at coordinates 40º58'N and 28º41'E. The port's operations are managed by Altaş Ambarlı Port Facilities Trade Inc., along with significant companies such as Kumport, Akçansa, Mardaş, and Marport, and it is situated on the western side of Istanbul.

Activity Areas and Capacity

 The port offers services in container, general cargo, Ro-Ro, and bulk cargo transportation. Covering a total area of 2,000,000 m⊃2;, the facility stands out with its 6,000 meters long quay and pier structures. With a maximum draft capacity of -17 meters, it accommodates large vessels with ease.

Communication and Accessibility

 The facility's contact information is readily accessible to quickly meet the needs of the commercial world. The contact person is Gürdal Karadeniz, and the port's address is Marmara Mah. Liman Cad.No:49 Inner Door No:41, 34524 Beylikdüzü, Istanbul. The telephone numbers are 0212 875 28 00 and 0212 875 28 01; the fax number is 0212 875 28 02. For more information and communication, the website can be visited.


As Istanbul's gateway to commerce, ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities stand out with their modern infrastructure, extensive range of services, and strategic location. Serving as a crucial part of both local and international trade, this port reinforces Istanbul's role in global commerce. Offering services in various fields from trade ships to Ro-Ro transportation, and from general cargo to bulk loads, ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities seem set to continue contributing to Turkey's logistic infrastructure.