AKSA ACRYLIC Chemical Ind. Co. Port: Turkey's Chemical Trade Hub

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AKSA ACRYLIC Chemical Ind. Co. Port: Turkey's Chemical Trade Hub

Turkey's chemical industry holds a significant position in both local and international markets. In this context, the port operated by AKSA ACRYLIC Chemical Ind. Co. emerges as one of the sector's most critical logistics centers. With its modern infrastructure and high handling capacity, the AKSA ACRYLIC Port stands at the heart of chemical trade.

Strategic Location and Features of the Port

Located in Çiftlikköy, Yalova, with coordinates 40º 41 ‘10“N & 29º 24’ 30“E, the AKSA ACRYLIC Port is strategically positioned. It has an annual handling capacity of 350,000 tons of liquid bulk cargo and 600,000 tons of general cargo, making it prominent in the transportation of bulk liquid chemicals and dry cargo.

Technical Infrastructure and Capacities

The port spans a 21,500 m⊃2; area, providing a 1,000 m⊃2; car-truck parking area and a 1,000 m⊃2; equipment parking area. It features berthing lengths of 36 meters for liquid cargo and 175 meters for dry cargo. The maximum draft capacity of 8.5 meters facilitates access for various vessel sizes.

Access and Communication

The AKSA ACRYLIC Port is offering high expertise in port operations. Contact details are as follows:

  • Phone: + 90 226 353 25 45
  • Fax: + 90 226 353 33 07

The port's address is Central District, Yalova Kocaeli Road Street No:34 Taşköprü, Çiftlikköy, YALOVA. These details ensure easy communication between business partners and the port management.


The AKSA ACRYLIC Chemical Ind. Co. Port is a vital logistics hub in Turkey's chemical industry. Its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and high handling capacity significantly contribute to the development of chemical trade. This port is a valuable resource for businesses in the chemical sector, enhancing Yalova's and Turkey's position in international trade.