AKÇANSA ÇANAKKALE Port: Turkey's Strategic Harbor

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AKÇANSA ÇANAKKALE Port: Turkey's Strategic Harbor

Among Turkey's significant trade and industrial hubs, Çanakkale stands out with the Akçansa Çanakkale Port, operated by Akçansa Cement Industry and Trade Inc. This strategic port, with its modern infrastructure and high handling capacity, contributes significantly to both regional and national economies.

 Location and Significance of the Port

The Akçansa Çanakkale Port, positioned at coordinates 39º 52’ 48”N & 26º 09’ 15”E, is known as one of the gateways to the Aegean Sea. Located in Ezine, Kumburun Village Area, the port stands out for its strategic location and high handling capacity. With an annual handling capacity of 4.5 million tons, the port plays a crucial role in the transportation of dry bulk and general cargo.

 Technical Features and Capacity of the Port

The port boasts a quay and jetty stretching 895 meters in length, allowing the docking of large vessels with a maximum draft capacity of 13.5 meters. The handling equipment includes two Sennebogen cranes with a capacity of 10 tons each, one Siwertell ship loader capable of handling 800 tons per hour, and one PH ship loader with a capacity of 500 tons per hour. These facilities enable the port to transport cargo efficiently and swiftly.

With a 10,000 m⊃2; storage area and 14,400 m⊃2; open area, the port offers extensive cargo storage and processing spaces, making it an ideal center for both domestic and international trade operations.

 Communication and Accessibility

The Akçansa Çanakkale Port is managed by experienced professionals like Sinan Inaç, offering high expertise in port operations. Contact information includes phone numbers (0 286 295 20 00 / 0 212 875 27 00) and an email address (sinan.INAC@akcansa.com.tr), facilitating easy communication between customers, stakeholders, and the port management.


The Akçansa Çanakkale Port is a pivotal player in Turkey's foreign trade. Its modern infrastructure, high capacity, and strategic location contribute to both regional and national economies. This port is a testament to the bright future of Turkey's maritime trade. As an exemplary operation in every aspect, the AKÇANSA ÇANAKKALE Port will continue to increase the country's trade volume and reinforce Çanakkale's strategic significance.