AK-Taş Terminal: The Hub of Liquid Chemical Logistics in the Heart of İzmit

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AK-Taş Terminal: The Hub of Liquid Chemical Logistics in the Heart of İzmit

In today's rapidly evolving world of commerce, efficient logistics and transportation services are of paramount importance. Situated in a strategic location in İzmit, Plaj Yolu Mevkii, the AK-Taş Terminal, operated by AK-Taş Foreign Trade Inc., stands out as a leading center for the transportation and storage of liquid chemical substances.

Strategic Location and High Capacity

Located at coordinates º29-51 N and º40-42 E, in the heart of İzmit, AK-Taş Terminal boasts a strategic position. The terminal impresses with its annual liquid bulk cargo handling capacity of 100,000 tons, encompassing a total port area of 7900m⊃2; and a covered warehouse space of 38,000m⊃3;, offering expansive storage and processing capabilities.

Modern Quay and Pier Features

The terminal features a quay length of 90 meters and can accommodate vessels with a maximum draft of 8 meters. This facilitates the easy docking of large-scale ships and the efficient handling of cargoes.

Diverse Equipment and High Efficiency

Among the equipment available at AK-Taş Terminal are two forklifts, each with a capacity of 3 tons. Designed for the quick and safe movement and storage of cargoes, these tools enhance the operational efficiency of the terminal.

Accessible Communication and Professional Management

The management of the terminal is overseen by professionals with industry experience, such as Dinçer DEMİREL. Easy communication is a part of AK-Taş Terminal's customer-centric approach. Relevant contacts can be easily reached by phone, fax, and email, allowing customers and business partners to swiftly obtain assistance with any questions or requests.

Why Choose AK-Taş Terminal?

  • Strategic Location: Centrally situated in İzmit, close to international transportation routes.
  • High Capacity: Annual handling capacity of 100,000 tons of liquid bulk cargo and extensive storage facilities.
  • Modern Facilities: Advanced quay and pier features capable of serving large-scale vessels.
  • Efficient Equipment: The use of modern equipment for the safe and efficient transportation of cargoes.
  • Accessible Communication: Experienced management and easy communication channels.

AK-Taş Terminal offers a reliable and effective solution for the transportation and storage of liquid chemical substances. Designed to meet customer needs, its infrastructure, strategic location, and professional management set it apart in the logistics sector. For more information, visit www.aktasdis.com.